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Home window cleansing robotics need to take the inconvenience and also initiative out of cleansing home windows. This is usually real, however we discovered some exemptions to this presumption.

What is a custom-made home window cleansing robotic?

It’s a fairly self-supporting tool that connects to exterior and interior home windows and also systematically cleanses the glass panel prior to it’s by hand relocated to the following. It

  • It is light sufficient to remain on the glass by vacuum cleaner or magnets.
  • Makes use of a mix of descending stress or turning cleansing pads and also cleansing liquid to eliminate dust and also gunk.
  • It can have an application or a push-button control.
  • Inside or on the surface powered?
  • It has defend against loss of attachment and also dropping.
  • Can manage various glass surfaces/types/conditions.

Exactly how to rank a custom-made home window cleansing robotic?

In a previous advertisement nauseum testimonial, I have actually had call with home window cleansing robotics and also have actually utilized one for the previous 2 years. Considered that these specifications are solidified by real usage, we assembled our customer panel to see what they anticipate.

What customers desire

  • Performance. Are they far better than hands-on cleansing?
  • Rate. Are they faster than hands-on cleansing?
  • Inquiries concerning turning brush kind vs shaking plate design.
  • Vacuum cleaner or magnetic attachment?
  • Interior battery or outside source of power
  • Immune to failing in loss of power and also attachment.
  • Decline resistance.
  • Cleaning up top quality. Does it tidy 100% or does it leave marks or touches?
  • Usage on glass with fly displays or security bars.
  • The price of the cleansing option.
  • The majority of desired something that would certainly get rid of manual work.

The panel ended that robotic home window cleansers can do a sensible task. Nonetheless, they are never neglected cleansing, as there is a continuous demand to relocate the system inside/out and also brand-new glass panels.


There are 2 major kinds of home window cleansing robotics. In the meantime, we’ll call these WCRs (because ECOVACS has the WINBOT hallmark).

  • Square design with a microfiber pad that moves over the glass (like a level meal design robomop). Some utilize resonance to improve cleansing.
  • Round design with turning cleansing pads (like a double head robomop).

Both have a liquid tank that makes use of home window cleaner and also water to puncture the dust. Despite which one, you require to include a human touch by relocate to brand-new panels and also touching all the red stripes.


Performance implies 100% insurance coverage (edges, and so on.) and also streak-free cleansing. The experience right here is that they do not make turns and also numerous passes might be called for, eg a completely dry task to eliminate dirt and also a damp task to tidy, properly increasing the moment.

Champion: Both kinds do a comparable task

Apartment pad or turning pad

As we discovered with robomops, the vital problem is altering the microfiber pads often to prevent filthy pads leaving marks on the glass.

Our experience with the dual turning Hobot 388 has to do with 15m2 of damp cleansing prior to altering the pads.

We can just presume that repaired level pads will certainly require much more constant substitutes as the leading side normally does a great deal of the job and also obtains filthy faster.

Champion: Double turning pads look far better and also provide some effort. We are not yet knowledgeable about the results of any type of shaking pad.


The court makes a decision which offers the very best outcomes. The response is that turning pads are much better for aquatic and also dirty atmospheres as they reduced salt/dust dust much better. The general insurance coverage is not like the square pads.

The square pads are for usage in the suburban areas where the home windows remain in far better problem and also leave a glass cleaner.

Water or home window cleanser

Water is just 40% efficient at eliminating salt spray and also dust from the atmosphere. A great home window cleanser has reducing power and also will certainly eliminate this sort of residue.

Do not utilize various other cleansing representatives as they might obstruct the 15um nano-sprays.

Champion: Make use of the suggested cleanser

The quantity of water or cleaning agent

Our experience with 2 Hobot WCRs is that they utilize a 15um (micron) nano-spray to damp a part of the home window listed below the lower pad. Lowers the capacity for water marks or touches as it does not have adequate quantity.

Some WCRs have facility moistening openings that appear to utilize a whole lot even more liquid. Much less is ideal.

Yet likewise bear in mind that the great jet goes through the wind blowing it off program. Tidy on a silent day.

Champion: Nano-Spray Spray on Damp Pad.

100% insurance coverage is not likely

The square kind commonly has triangular cuts at the 4 end factors, indicating it cannot clean edges. The dual swivel pads cannot get to the edges. You will certainly require to cleanse these locations by hand.

Champion illustration

Vacuum cleaner or magnetic glass bonding

The vacuum cleaner design produces a vacuum cleaner to follow the glass. They feature a security rope to quit deadly dives – a terrific suggestion, however not constantly hassle-free.

Magnetic places are more secure due to the fact that you position a rubberized magnetic pad on the contrary side of the glass and also the magnets hold the tool in position. Yet there are a couple of downsides. You might not have the ability to access the opposite of the glass. Magnets solid sufficient to experience thick glass are hefty. They do not work with thicker glass and also are bad for rounded glass. The magnetic pad might damage the glass.

Stay clear of those with bigger tractor wheels (normally the magnetic kind) as the wheels can leave marks if damp.

Neither kind can manage adverse inclines (such as within sloping skylights) over concerning 45 due to the fact that the weight and also slip variable vectors go across, leading to a deadly dive.

Champion: Vacuum Cleaner Suction

Keys power or battery

Both Hobots are keys powered. The integrated battery serves as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), giving as much as 20 mins of vacuum cleaner keep in the occasion of a power blackout. This implies you require a 240V power factor close by.

Battery ran WCRs are much heavier and also have a much shorter run time.

The Hobot has a 5m DC cable television. The battery is little and also light, securing versus power loss. This implies it can cleanse throughout the day without quiting to bill.

Yet if you’re making use of an air conditioning expansion cable, bear in mind that all WCRs can just bring their very own weight and also a couple of meters of light-weight DC power cable and also security rope. They cannot sustain the weight of the air conditioner cable television, particularly if it is raising it at an angle to the ground.

Champion: Keys Powered

Glass density

Some vacuum cleaner designs can damage the thinner 3mm glass. Thicker glass can influence magnetic patterns. Typical glass 4-10mm is great.

Champion: Lighter gadgets are much better for slim glass.

Flyscreens and also protection displays

Prior to cleansing the home window surface area, you should eliminate the webs. The majority of fly displays have swivel braces, some slide inside home windows, and also some usage magnets. If your house is older, after that intend on damaging a couple of clips.

If you have actually completely affixed security displays, the only means to cleanse the home window is to eliminate it.

Manages, home window winders, joints, locks and also blockages

Take care if anything protrudes in the glass location. The majority of WCRs will certainly obstruct (other than those with AI to identify this).

Champion: See if the AI ​​can manage it


WCRs make up to 70dB of sound at 1m which’s penalty. Magnetic WCRs are quieter.


All demand completely dry glass, indicating no rainfall, snow or high moisture. Do not utilize it on gusty or exceedingly warm days.

Champion: Connection

Security rope

They stop a deadly dive after an unexpected splitting up. No WCR can endure a decrease of a number of meters without damaging something.

The actual inquiry is where to hang the security rope, particularly for indoor home windows when there is just a ceiling expenses.

The response will just originate from experience and also self-confidence with your WCR. If he really did not have an issue with the fatality dream, possibly count on him. Why not place a cushion at the base of the home window to quit it dropping?

Champion: Make use of a security rope whenever feasible, particularly outdoors.

Time to function and also time to tidy up

The panel stated WCRs need to be much faster than doing it with a sweeper.

The Hobot 388 takes around 4 mins per 1 m2 and also you have 2 sides and also 2 passes (completely dry and also damp). We have no experience with various other brand names, however 4 mins per m2 usually appears sensible.

Champion: Keys

Without supervision usage

Necessarily, a robotic (be it a vacuum, wipe, lawnmower, and so on.) should have the ability to be left neglected to do its task. In our experience, no quantity of AI or clever navigating implies you can leave the WCR neglected.

After each travel through the home window, you should transform it off, eliminate the security rope, relocate to the following home window and also repeat. All kinds have this trouble and also your peaceful time doing various other points will certainly experience normal disturbances.

Champion: A connection, however much faster tidy times are far better

AI vs pattern cleansing

Many WCRs have AI, however it’s simply pattern cleansing. Position it in the top edge of the home window and also allow it tidy in a rational u-shape as it relocates down the glass. Unusually designed glass should not trouble them as the majority of utilize the side of the framework to trigger a reversal.

Frameless glass requires AI discovery or vacuum cleaner deflection sensing unit.

Yet bear in mind that it can not cleanse in edges, so you might need to do it by hand.

Application or remote

The majority of applications are simply push-button controls, including little bit, if any type of, performance to the WCR. The remote aids to quit and also relocate the WCR.

Upkeep and also extra components

Search for designs with changeable water containers, level plates, pads and also a spray nozzle. The majority of will certainly have microfiber pads that can be cleaned.

Champion: Take A Look At the much more renowned brand names with excellent assistance.

Various other usages

The majority of need to be great on mounted or frameless glass, shower displays, ceramic tiles, and so on. Yet bear in mind that home window cleansing option most likely will not appear soap, hair shampoo, and also conditioner residue. Generally of thumb, if you can quickly eliminate the residue with a moist fabric, the WCR will certainly function.

Are home window cleansing robotics worth it?

Expenses and also advantages are much more concerning wanting to deal with any type of compromises.

  • Relocate the robotic after each surface area of the home window.
  • Hand-operated cleansing of edges and also around door manages or puts where it cannot go.
  • Spend even more time in correct home window cleansing.

We have experience with the Hobot 388 spin pad kind and also it is best on filthy home windows. The Hobot two level shaking pad is ideal fit for home windows in excellent problem. Both are around $500, so you need to utilize them a couple of times a year to obtain a roi.

This overview will certainly be upgraded with real evaluations of various makes and also designs in time.

CyberShack cleansing information and also evaluations

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